A bug in one of the Apex maps allows players to fly through it

Apparently it is very common to find some flaws in the new installment of Epic Games, as a new error that is in the game is allowing players to fly on the map.

Despite its explosive success, Apex Legends continues to be full of failures and errors, as well as players who exploit them to their advantage.

While many of these errors are minor, some of them certainly break the game, to the point that they threaten the integrity of the game, such as this recently discovered technical failure.

Twitch streamer demonstrates flight failure

A Streammer namedhigrad3snipez‘ made it visible to his teammates, who could pass through a box in the game to the point where they could fly across the map.

In the clip, you can see the platform user hitting a supply box several times, before he and his teammates simply take off like rockets from a stop position.

How does this fault work?

While the exact mechanics behind the flaw remain unknown, a Reedit user noted that it resembled other “impulse storage faults,” such as the one players use to run at a very high speed.

The user explained that the action of punching the supply cart in a way that would not allow the player’s body to back off as would normally cause the impulse to be stored, so that the next time it jumps, the game releases everything that was built . The impulse rises and shoots the player straight to heaven.

Failures in the game in Apex Legends

It is not the only time that problems have been detected in the game and may not be the last they are, what is certain is that the Epic Games team is working hard to prevent this type of problems from happening.

In the past, mistakes and feats in the game have allowed players to continue firing their weapons, even after being shot down, see through the smoke grenades of Bangalore, run at very high speeds and melee so fast that the players were eliminated in seconds.

The game is still very young, of course, so things like this are expected to happen. But the Respawn developers would do well to clean things up before these kinds of things get out of control.

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