16,000 cheaters were banned in the firsts days of Apex

Apex has its first month out and it has been a wild ride. In just this month it reached 50 million players, surpassing Fortnite in growing. But, with this amount of players, we also found a lot of cheaters, and Respawn is not happy with this. In the first 10 days, 16,000 players were banned for cheating and there is nothing else to expect more cheaters on it way. So far, we don’t have more updates on this subjects but we can tell you what to do if you find one.

What to do if you find a cheater on Apex?

As you can see, people can get banned from this game, like any other one. The most common cause is people teaming up with other squads to win the game, but there are other suspicious situations going on. So, in case you find yourself in the middle of a weird situation, you can flag them.

The best advice is to try to capture any evidence of the situation so they can look directly the act. But, if you can’t get proof, just grab their ID and flag them. This way, the team can look up the player and investigate further. If the player indeed is cheating, they will get banned.

Apparently, they’re working in an option to report players in the middle of the game, so this would make the entire process way easier and faster. A lot of users make this observation and they’re taking notes. This update can come soon, they said, because they are trying to grab the most feedback from users they can and this one was a bigger one.

On another updates, Respawn informed that we will get improvements in stability, performance and quality of life very soon. So, we can wait for the announcement on the subreddit to let us know when.

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